Microscopic Image Analytics

Microscopic Image Analytics

ImagePro Vision is our strategic partner, helping us deliver high precision image analytics solutions to the healthcare, Pharma & manufacturing industries. They are the leading Indian company in Image analytics arena Together, " we serve the needs of the diverse industries through "

ipvPSA- Microscopic

Particle Size Analysis is one of the first innovations in ImageProvision Technology. It is a basic software model for particle size analysis and classification.


Hot Stage Microscopy Analyzer integrates microscopy with thermal analysis that enables the study of materials as a function of temperature and time.


Microscopic Particulate Matter Counter is a one-stop solution for calculating the amount of particulate matter in 4 parenteral drugs. The set up consists of a trinocular microscope along with a high-resolution camera integrated with software ipvPCount.


Microscopic Microbial Analyzer is a system which is a step ahead of the conventional microbial counter in providing accurate and quantitative data. The setup involves capturing a petri dish image and a microscopic image.


Microscopic Particle Classifier is a compact and reliable microscopic analyzer and classifier that includes a digital microscope, a software, and a camera.



Microscopic Particle Size Distribution holds its significance in various segments. The software is coupled with a suitable microscope and a camera thereby providing data related to particle size and particle size distribution.


  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Software offer multi-level authentication, e-signatures, digital data security, audit trail, etc.
  • Identification and measurement of isolated particles and agglomerations
  • Identification and measurement of particles in multiple layers, on the same run
  • Selective measurement of particles based on size, shape, colour, texture, and intensity
  • Particle size & classification method development
  • Intelligent checks and easy to follow guidelines throughout the process


  • Simple, user-friendly, flexible and interactive software
  • Elegant PC interface, allowing direct control of digital camera mounted on the microscope for collection and analysis of images
  • The procedure is monitored, errors are identified and corrective actions are recommended for accurate and smooth operation
  • Immediate analysis and customized report generation with relevant information