Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Nimble Life Tech is a successful partner in delivering product versions faster with defined quality criteria bringing its customer's benefit of scale in a cost-effective manner. Nimble has vast experience in outsourced product engineering services both on conventional licensed products and products hosted on shared cloud services ( SaaS). Let us look at a typical product engineering life cycle to understand where Nimble will play a role.

Typical Software Product Engineering lifecycle will have following steps and teams.

  • Research & Ideation
  • Prototyping & Business Case
  • Proof of Concept
  • High Level and LowLevel Design
  • User Stories
  • Development
  • Unit Test and Development testing
  • Blackbox Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Release management
  • Deployment and infrastructure management
  • Technical Support
  • Maintenance and Change Management

Nimble has tremendous experience in working with integrated teams at the onsite offshore model for development and testing of product modules. We have a centre of excellence for Java, .Net, PHP and framework of a variety of open source platforms, frameworks and languages. Nimble is happy to undertake end to end partnerships in the area of programming partner, test centres, customer support centres and even sales channels to almost all the countries in Asia.

Nimble Experience

We understand that a software development outsourcing partner company will not only have expertise in the frontend, backend, cloud or testing technologies and tools but also go beyond following development specs and provide architectural inputs and deployment plans. Most of the client follow scrum process for product development. Although, hybrid development model using iterative development and agile methods are also popular models. In few of the situations, clients are using waterfall models. Nimble has designed a unique model for its clients to make scrum method work in the offshore and onsite model.

Sprint team roles for offshore

Overall offshore sprint team should include five distinct roles within sprint:

  • Onsite Scrum Master
  • Onsite Product Owner
  • Offshore agile (onsite)
  • Offshore sprint team
  • Offshore Business analyst with strong domain knowledge

Nimble Advantage

With the change in technology and process, product engineering has been molded to adopt the agile based methodologies. Nimble provides agility and flexibility to its clients for adapting dynamic work requirements in the area of programming, test phases, customer support and even sales partnership to promote client’s products in Asia.


Leverage global talent pool with new set of technologies

As a development and test outsourcing partner, we not only have expertise in the frontend, backend, cloud or testing technologies and tools but also have resources that remain abreast with latest technological advancements.

Optimize Development and Testing Costs

Hiring and training resources, along with having the required software, skills, resources, and tools for development of the product may involve huge investments and time period. With outsourced product development, these costs eventually decrease as the process is handled by the vendor.

Faster time to market

A reliable outsourcing partner can help accelerate time to market by following the agile methodology, CICD, and rapid application development frameworks.